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Special issue for Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Engineering Conference: A Path to The Future

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MSA Engineering Journal is an international journal devoted to the publication of peer-reviewed original high-quality research papers and review papers in both traditional topics and those of emerging science and technology. Papers covering experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects which contribute to the understanding of engineering and applied sciences or give an insight into engineering practices and processes. Authors from all over the world are invited to submit manuscripts for possible publications.

The overall focus is on original and rigorous scientific research results which have generic significance. MSA Engineering Journal focuses upon aspects of mechatronics engineering, communication engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering, and industrial engineering. Papers in which knowledge from other disciplines is integrated with engineering are especially welcome like nanotechnology, material sciences, and computational methods as well as applied basic sciences: engineering mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

It gives us a great honor to announce that MSA engineering Journal was evaluated by the Egyptian Supreme Council of universities with a score "7" which is considered the highest. 
MSA engineering Journal supports scientific research by continuing publication this year 2022 for free. 
Being aware that MSA engineering journal covers and specializes in all Engineering fields. (Mechanical Eng, Civil Eng, Electrical Eng, ....).
Great thanks goes to everyone who participated, supported us throughout the previous period. Looking forward for more more achievements.
Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2023 

CNN for speech recognition case study: Recitation Rules of the holy Quran

Pages 1-12

Dahlia Mohammad Omran; Ahmed Hisham Kandil; Ahmed ElBialy; Sherif Samy; Sahar fawzy